Rage Recipe

Transmission Cryo and special polish and heat Treatment, extends tranny life by 40 percent and makes shifting much smoother!

06 & up TRX450r Oil Tranny Mod: $65

This enhances the amount of oil flow running through the transmission and clutch, only one of it kind in the business!


06 & up TRX450r 14.75:1 Race Piston: $305.50

Highest stock bore piston on the market to date for the TRX, same piston Harold Goodman won the 2013 EDT TT series.


 06 up Honda 450 Crank Bearing Reinforcement Kit 99.00 or 140 installed if you send just the cases.

A must have for any MX application


06 up TRX450 Billet Transmissions

Adds 3 times the life to the transmission life. A must for pro and pro am riders!  2150.00

06 up TRX450 Shift Spring

Adds more tension to the shifter to make a more positive shift and enhance the feel of the transmission shift with rider boots on.