Rage Engine Services

We offer many engine service, too many to list here so if you don't see what you're looking for please call us for a consultation.

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Dyno Services

Basic three run dyno to check power output             165.00

Dyno and build map for ECM or ICM                         225.00  for first two hours then 110.00 hour until completed

We provide dyno tires for All Honda and Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki sportquads.  All others will be responsible for there own tire, slick tires, or dirt track tires provide the most accurate results.  In most cases a knobby tire will rob over 6 hp on the dyno.  This is due to the spacing inbetween the knobs.  Having fresh clutches or a lockout before dyno is a must for accuracy.



Engine Rebuild- this is disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the engine, cost does not cover parts or extra machine work.

Camshaft Consulting and Design

Camshafts from web that we design start at 450.00 for single cam engines and in some cases will require your old stock cams in good condition as a core.


2 cycle 550.00                                                                                                All Surfacing starts at 75.00

4 cycle 650.00                                                                                                 Transmission Back-cutting  325.00

Multi-cylinder                                                                                                   Transmission Polishing        350.00

2 cycle 750.00                                                                                                  Seat Replacement  40.00 per seat plus seat cost

4 cycle 1150.00                                                                                                Guide replacement   20.00 per plus guide cost

Flow Testing with Report   365.00                                                                   Crankshaft balancing starts at 350.00

Valve Job  125.00 per 4 valves

Porting starts at 300.00 and this will include valve job and valve back-cutting.

4 valve port with VJ    475.00 to 800.00 depending on level of work

5 valve port with VJ    525.00  to 800.00 depending on the level of work

6  Valve Backcutting 10.00 per valve

Note on Flow work.

1.  If you call and ask for a certain amount of air through your head you read about on the net, we will give you what you ask for. My advise is tell us how much power you want and what your using it for and let us make that determination for you.

2.  VALVE JOB on some applications is highly critical and will go hand in hand with the cylinder porting.  If someone tells you otherwise, your being misdirected.



Honda ATV

Complete Honda services.

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We sell DRR MX Bikes


We are an authorized DRR dealer. We also service DRR ATVs.

Yamaha ATV

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Other Engine Services

We service and build more than ATVs. Check here for more information.

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