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Welcome to the home of reliable metric engine horsepower! Racing is what we love, winning is what we do!

And yes we build dirt bike engines, not just ATV.  Why are we not called "Rage Powersports", because, ATV racing is what we cut our teeth on over 20 years ago.  But the business has led us in many directions over the years.  

Rage has been responsible for building the most powerful metric racing engines to the motorcross, TT ,and drag race communities for over 20 years.  Top motocross riders like John Natalie, Joel Hetrick, Chad Wienen,Megan Sheperd, Harold Goodman, Josh Upperman, Dylan Tremellen, Sam Rowe, Cole Sepesi, have all taken the checkered flag with a Rage powerplant along with countless amatuer riders.  For twenty years staying on the road with the national circuit has limited the amount of work we could do.  As of 2016 Dee has retired from traveling and increased the productivity of the shop to provide you with a reasonable turnaround and even more cutting edge technology.  

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Performance for

ATV 2 and 4 cycle engines to include UTVs.............NO Turbos, nothing personal, just not what we do.

Dirt bikes engines


TT and Oval racing

Drag Racing

Cross Country

Cylinder Head porting service and valve work for just about anything but cast iron automotive cylinder heads.


We have one of the largest OEM honda parts inventories around with a good selection of yamaha, suzuki and kawasaki.  We also sell anything from riding gear to parts to customize your UTV.

For more information on specific engine upgrades click on Engine Services in the top left corner, if you cant find what your looking for drop us an email.  Keep in mind Dee does all of the machine work in house and stays busy seven days a week so its tough to get him personally on the phone.  Email questions and be a specific as possible and provide a phone number and best time of day for him to reach you.

Dyno Service

We generally like to perform all dyno services monday to thursday and they are done by appointment only.  Call the shop number and set up a time from 9 to 5.  We can program Pwr Commander, Vortex, Dynatek, BigGun, GET, HRC and most other ECU add on boxes.
Click Here for ECM Tuning and Map Flashing!


If you have any questions about the status of your work, or need pricing or technical support of a Rage Product, please feel free to contact us by email: rageatv@sbcglobal.net. We check it regularly and will get back to you as soon as possible!

We sell DRR MX Bikes
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